Cat Put Into A Zoo Enclosure Made Best Friends With A Lyn

Animals are able to develop strong friendships, based on love and affection, just like us. Yet, what is even better, their relationships are simply heart-breakingly adorable.

The bonds they create prove that they are much more complex than we believe. Friendship knows no boundaries ..and apparently, species.

The bond developed by a cat and lynx at the St. Petersburg’s Zoo warmed many hearts.

The lynx has been living at the zoo since June 2007, and after a while, the zoo introduced Dusya the kitten into her cage as a kind of social experiment.

Linda was about 2 months old then, so the two cats were almost the same size, and they quickly become fond of each other.

At first, they were left together for a short period to play, always being watched by zookeepers. Yet, they soon concluded that the lynx didn’t mind sharing the place with the kitten, and it even became protective of it, so they put them in the same enclosure to live together.

Word of the unusual relationship spread quickly, so visitors came to see the two cats living together in love, cleaning and grooming each other.

Soon, Linda the lynx and Dusya were stars of the zoo, and they cuddled even more as people watched them through the glass.

Nowadays, the calico is fully grown, but things have not changed. The two are still inseparable best friends.

Yet, the zoo now needs to provide enough food for two in the enclosure.

The furry friends enjoy playing with their toys, a cardboard box being their favorite one. Linda, like an ordinary domestic cat, loves to take a nap in it.

The adorable best friends share the same schedule and eat all their meals together.

Time of conflict comes only when Linda overpowers Dusya to eat her food.

These cute friends love to spend their time playing, cuddling, and cleaning each other.

People are always pleased to see cross-species animal friendships. Stories of many unlikely duos have often become viral.

So, if you ever go to Russia, make sure you also visit them at the St. Petersburg Zoo!