Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

Taking in consideration it is one of the deadliest diseases. Scientists constantly try to find a cure and finally put an end to cancer. This herb is one of those cures and it can kill up to 98% of cancer cells in just 16 hours.

Namely, according to the researches published in “Life Science”, artemisinin, a “Sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia Annua” derivative, was used in Chinese medicine and it can kill 98% of lung cancer cells in less than 16 hours.


The herb used by itself reduces lung cancer cells up to 28%, but in combination with iron, “Artemisia Annua” successfully and completely “erases” cancer, and in the experiment this herb had no impact on healthy lung cells.

Artemisinin in past was used as a powerful antimalarial remedy, but now it is proven that this cure is also effective in the fight against cancer.

When scientists added iron while conducting the study, which later attached to lung tissue, especially to cancer infected cells, artemisinine selectively attacked “bad” cells, and left “good” cells untouched.

“In general, our results show that artemisinin stops ‘E2F1’ transcription factor and intervenes in destruction of lung cancer cells, meaning it presents a transcription way according to which artemisinin controls reproductive cancer cell growth”, was stated in the conclusion of the researches conducted in the cancer laboratory at the University of California.

Jan Kops et al. - Flora Batava - Permission granted to use under GFDL by Kurt Stueber. Source: - Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this image under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.

Iron deposits in cancer cells with special receptors which help in cell division. Normal cells also have these receptors, but cancer cells can be targeted by the combination of iron and artemisinin.

There are numerous experiments conducted so far and they all prove that in combination with iron, artemisinin can effectively destroy cancer, and this extract was used in China for thousands of years, as a cure for malaria.

Malaria parasite can not survive in the presence of artemisinine, because it is rich in iron, and bio-engineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh from the University of Washington were the first scientists to discover this.

Their research proved that cancer cells undergo an apoptosis, or self-destruction, and until this moment it was difficult to get the extract for more acceptable prices, but people show more and more interest in this herb, so the prices could get lower.

You can Buy Artemisinin pills here: Doctor’s Best Best Artemisinin (100 Mg), Vegetable Capsules, 90-Count

French medicine producer, “Sanofi”, announced that they expect production of 50 to 60 tons artemisinin every year, hoping that it will satisfy the needs of the world market.


269 thoughts on “Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

  1. Linda Wark

    Oh please, another cure? Doesn’t matter much, the pharmaceutical drug companies will not allow us to ‘cure’ cancer – where the profit in that? Why don’t we come at it from prevention? Oh right, because no one is willing to stop eating from factory farms and everyone wants a magic pill.

    1. Jade stevens

      Maybe this is a prevention.

      1. tom

        i just wanted to say, i believe everything we need for medicine can be found in nature, the fact that this article contains a link to buy a 90 pill supply, suggests this to be prevention Who would use 90 pills in 16 hours?

    2. Shannon

      Linda, Of course a magic pill would be great. I’ve watched loved ones die from cancer. Heartbreaking. What’s wrong with a cure? Your pessimism surprises me. It may be bogus but wouldn’t it be great! Some people cannot afford anything but factory farm food so STHU.

      1. Debby Gibson

        ITA! When you have a loved one handed the cancer diagnosis & told we can’t do anything, you will do ANYTHING to try ad help them. I watched my Daddy die a slow death that robbed him of his zest for life and I would have gladly given this to him.

      2. April

        you are so wrong, and there is no such magic pills
        eat healthy or pay the money to the doctors… it’s just matter of choice… and the people who choose to eat those garbage has the most responsible for today’s horrible food industry. NO ONE IS A VICTIM. Your foolish or stupidly of knowing nothing about health does not make your a victim, neither.
        It’s your own health u have the responsibility for that same on everything on this point of view.

        1. Your right on that point April! With the internet , I read once that,”Ignorance is a choice! We tend to look at Docs as Gods. They are not. They have very little, if any, education on preventative medicine. They are taught about drugs & machines.
          The only way to change what these companies sell is if people stop buying all the crap sold in grocery stores. Education is a tool & needed for good health.
          But we tend to be lazy & so our decline in health continues. Although we are not a 3rd world country our infant & mom mortality rate is that of one! All our “high tech birthing” is a failure. We as a country want a quick temporary fix when ill, hence, drugs, drugs & more drugs!

        2. iamthedivinespirit

          Not all cancer is caused by what we eat! The water we drink doused in fluoride et al, the air we breathe is laden with chem-trails, the vaccines forced upon the poor just to qualify to MAYBE receive some rations every month…the list goes on.

          Some do the best they can to “prevent” cancer by choosing their healthiest possible lifestyle, like my mother-in-law…who grew her own food, exercised daily and had a very healthy outlook on life yet by age 53 she faced her 2nd battle with cancer but this time lost. She was just an “average” woman yet there were thousands at her funeral, every one shocked…yet it’s not shocking when we can’t breathe air that won’t kill us!
          What of the babies born with cancer? They don’t deserve a fighting chance?

          Personally, because I’ve watched too many people who tried their best die because their best wasn’t good enough, I’ve researched, discovered and utilized CURES for myself, my friends, my family and even strangers and the so-called “bogus cures” worked so why deny that option when it’s available?

          The pharmaceutical industry won’t shove the poisons down your throat, you have to make the decision to spend the exuberant costs that will simply ruin your body or, you can choose to seek alternatives that cost literally less than the expense to receive a diagnosis, let alone “treatment” of “symptoms”! What is the pharmaceutical industry going to do? Hire assassins after you? They’re already killing you! Besides, we, are not our bodies, our bodies are simply vessels in which we dwell, when the vessel “dies”, we, do not! So it would be nice if more of us would spread love and light instead of pessimism and close-mindedness! We all came from the same place, when we choose to be indifferent to the suffering of others, we only hurt ourselves and our future generations.

          My apologies for such a rant, close-mindedness has that effect on me ;P That was my two-cents!

          Unconditional love and light to you all :)

          1. John Hamn

            @Iamthedivinespirit, sorry, but as soon as you mention chem trails you lose all credibility. Also, fluoride causes skeletal fluorosis, and only maybe minor cognitive debilitation, though there’s barely any actual conclusive research on that yet. Either way, its not been shown to have anything to do with cancer. Also, tea has more fluoride in it than any municipality has ever put in their water, the British seem to be fine.

            TLDR Conspiracy theorists use baseless fear as a substitute for the ability to actually do research, which sometimes makes me sick.

          2. Jennifer

            Ummm…chem trails are real. I watch them outside my home all the time. One carried Aluminum the other Copper. I also see normal jets too. You can see a clear difference and the “clouds” they create form.

          3. jp

            18 Scientifically Validated Reasons to End Public Water Fluoridation
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            no fluoride plz

            Many people are coming to realize that far from improving dental health, the fluoridation of municipal water and many store bought foods and drinks is actually detrimental to our overall health. What was once a widely accepted practice is now being scrutinized and condemned by many prominent physicians and free-thinkers, and the scientific evidence to support these condemnations is mounting.

            Recently a Harvard medical study claimed that ingesting fluoride leads to a loss of IQ in young children, which is remarkably frightening by itself.

            Now, another study has been published, taking a thorough look at the pros and cons of ingesting fluoride. Conducted by Stephen Peckham and Niyi Awofeso, and published in The Scientific World Journal, this new research paper begins with the following important introduction, which calls for an end to public water fluoridation:

            “Fluorine is the world’s 13th most abundant element and constitutes 0.08% of the Earth crust. It has the highest electronegativity of all elements. Fluoride is widely distributed in the environment, occurring in the air, soils, rocks, and water. Although fluoride is used industrially in a fluorine compound, the manufacture of ceramics, pesticides, aerosol propellants, refrigerants, glassware, and Teflon cookware, it is a generally unwanted byproduct of aluminium, fertilizer, and iron ore manufacture. The medicinal use of fluorides for the prevention of dental caries began in January 1945 when community water supplies in Grand Rapids, United States, were fluoridated to a level of 1 ppm as a dental caries prevention measure. However, water fluoridation remains a controversial public health measure. This paper reviews the human health effects of fluoride. The authors conclude that available evidence suggests that fluoride has a potential to cause major adverse human health problems, while having only a modest dental caries prevention effect. As part of efforts to reduce hazardous fluoride ingestion, the practice of artificial water fluoridation should be reconsidered globally, while industrial safety measures need to be tightened in order to reduce unethical discharge of fluoride compounds into the environment. Public health approaches for global dental caries reduction that do not involve systemic ingestion of fluoride are urgently needed.”

            Related: The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

            Without mincing words, this new study moves right into support these assertions, offering the following indications that fluoride is not only of dubious benefit for dental health, but that it is also terrible for overall human health:

            1. Fluoride is not critical for healthy teeth:

            “It is widely accepted that fluoride only helps prevent dental decay by topical means—by direct action on the tooth enamel predominantly after eruption and dental plaque [16, 17]. However, it is important to note that while fluoride contributes to the remineralisation process in the enamel of the tooth surface this is not dependent on fluoride, and that fluoride’s anticaries effect is critically dependent on calcium and magnesium content of teeth enamel.”

            2. Fluoride may actually make certain people more vulnerable to dental caries:

            “Among young individuals with low calcium and magnesium in teeth enamel (usually due to undernutrition), fluoride ingestion and contact with teeth present histologically as hypo-calcification and/or hypoplasia, which may paradoxically make such individuals more vulnerable to dental caries [18, 19].”

            3. Because of the complex nature of how dental caries develop, it is too difficult to tell if water fluoridationactually helps prevent dental caries:

            “…the multiple pathways to the development of dental caries make it difficult to accurately ascertain the contribution of fluoride ingestion to dental caries prevention. Given that the action of fluoride on dental caries prevention is topical, only topical fluoride products are likely to provide optimal benefits claimed for this chemical.”

            4. The history of research into ingesting fluoride as an effective means of preventing dental caries is controversial, at best:

            “A survey of 55 reputable oral health specialists on the impacts of artificial water fluoridation and other preventive technologies on the decline in dental caries prevalence over the past four decades in most nations revealed that, apart from fluoridated toothpaste, there were conflicting responses on the impact of artificial water fluoridation and other fluoride-based technologies [32]. Studies focused on dental caries trends following cessation of fluoridation have produced contradictory results, in part due to study technique, availability of other fluoride sources, and consumption patterns of cariogenic foods [33, 34].”

            5. Fluoride is classified as a pollutant and there is no such thing as a disease caused by fluoride deficiency.

            6. Drinking fluoride in public water makes it impossible to administer a proper dose, causing a rise in toxic dental fluorosis:

            “One of the key concerns about water fluoridation is the inability to control an individual’s dose of ingested fluoride which brings into question the concept of the “optimal dose.” Since the 1980s numerous studies have identified that adults and children are exceeding these agreed limits, contributing to a rapid rise in dental fluorosis—the first sign of fluoride toxicity [35–37].”

            7. Mass contamination of drinking water with fluoride is toxic for children:

            “In 1991, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA measured fluoride levels and found that where water is fluoridated between 0.7 and 1.2 ppm overall fluoride, total fluoride intake for adults was between 1.58 and 6.6 mg per day while for children it was between 0.9 and 3.6 mg per day and that there was at least a sixfold variation just from water consumption alone [38].

            The inability to control individual dose renders the notion of an “optimum concentration” obsolete. In the USA, a study in Iowa found that 90% of 3-month-olds consumed over their recommended upper limits, with some babies ingesting over 6 mg of fluoride daily, above what the Environmental Protection Agency and the WHO say is safe to avoid crippling skeletal fluorosis [41].

            8. Fluoride may increase the risk of dental caries for malnurished children:

            “Fluoride exposure has a complex relationship in relation to dental caries and may increase dental caries risk in malnourished children due to calcium depletion and enamel hypoplasia, while offering modest caries prevention in otherwise well-nourished children.”

            9. Water fluoridation effects the cognitive development of children:

            “In a meta-analysis of 27 mostly China-based studies on fluoride and neurotoxicity, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University in Shenyang found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children [50].”

            10. Water fluoridation may cause hypothyroidism in children:

            “In a 2005 study, it was found that 47% of children living in a New Delhi neighbourhood with average water fluoride level of 4.37 ppm have evidence of clinical hypothyroidism attributable to fluoride.”

            11. Fluoride consumption may actually cause bone disease:

            “In some cases—where fluoride levels are very high or where there is prolonged ingestion at 2 ppm or higher, cases of skeletal fluorosis have been reported. Skeletal fluorosis is a chronic metabolic bone disease caused by ingestion or inhalation of large amounts of fluoride.”

            12. As an enzyme disruptor, fluoride interferes with the body’s normal functioning in many complex ways:

            “Fluoride is a known enzyme disruptor. For example, fluoride’s anticaries effect is derived in part from its ability to derange the enzymes of cariogenic bacteria [20, 21]. Fluoride can interfere by attaching itself to metal ions located at an enzyme’s active site or by forming competing hydrogen bonds at the active site which is not exclusively just on the teeth [64]. There are 66 enzymes which are affected by fluoride ingestion, including P450 oxidases, as well the enzyme which facilitates the formation of flexible enamel [65].”

            13. “Chronic fluoride ingestion is commonly associated with hyperkalaemia and consequent ventricular fibrillation [70].”

            14. Fluoride ingestion has been linked to cancer, although it has not yet been proven to directly cause cancer:

            “There have also been a number of studies that link fluoride and cancer. More than 50 population-based studies which have examined the potential link between water fluoride levels and cancer have been reported in the medical literature. Most of these studies have not found a strong link between chronic fluoride ingestion and cancer.

            However, population-based-studies strongly suggest that chronic fluoride ingestion is a possible cause of uterine cancer and bladder cancer; there may be a link with osteosarcoma—highlighted as an area where there is evidence of problems requiring further research [30, 72–74].”

            15. Ethically speaking, mass water fluoridation is medication without consent:

            “…community water fluoridation provides policy makers with important questions about medication without consent, the removal of individual choice and whether public water supplies are an appropriate delivery mechanism [75, 76]. “

            16. The human body does not need fluoride to be healthy:

            “One of the early controversies following the completion of the post-1945 Grand Rapids trial of water fluoridation was how fluoride ingested by humans should be classified—a nutrient, medication, or pollutant. Despite numerous studies, the essentiality of fluoride as a trace element or nutrient has not been proven and it is now widely accepted that fluoride is not essential element for human physiology [30, 78].

            In an extensive review of fluoride and human health published in 2011, the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks concluded that fluoride is not essential for human growth and development [30].”

            17. Although promoted as a medicine for tooth decay, fluoride is not regulated or controlled as a medicine:

            “Although fluoride, used in artificial water fluoridation, is promoted as a medicine for preventing tooth decay, it is not subject to the strict guidelines of medicines statutes in the nations that implement artificial water fluoridation. The practice of water fluoridation is recommended as a means of preventing dental caries. Despite this very clear definition of purpose, no fluoridating country defines fluoridation of water supplies as a medicine.”

            18. There are better alternatives to preventing cavities than fluoridation:

            “The polarised debate on the role of ingested fluoride in dental health ignores the basic problem that dental caries is essentially the outcome of bacterial infection of teeth enamel. While it might have been excusable in the 1950s to utilise an enzyme poison such as fluoride to undesirably alter dental architecture and to kill cariogenic bacteria, a better understanding of the pathogenesis of dental caries, coupled with development of antibiotics and probiotics with strong anticariogenic effects, diminishes any major future role for fluoride in caries prevention.”


            Community water fluoridation is actually not the global norm:

            “Currently, only about 5% of the world’s population—350 million people—(including 200 million Americans) consume artificially fluoridated water globally. Only eight countries—Malaysia, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland, more than 50% of the water supply artificially fluoridate. Over the past two decades many communities in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand have stopped fluoridating their water supplies and in Israel the Minister for Health announced in April 2013 the end of mandatory water fluoridation.”

            Fluoride has become so controversial in America that many citizen formed groups are actively, and effectively, petitioning local governments to stop the community fluoridation of municipal water. Couple this with the fact that many product manufacturers are giving consumers options for avoiding fluoride in commonly used products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

            If your city goverment hasn’t yet seen the light and eliminated this poison, do yourself and your family a favor and switch to using filtered water in your home. Berkey makes an excellent filter that when couple with the fluoride units, makes it easy to avoid fluoridated drinking and cooking water. You can also get a shower head filter that prevents you from absorbing fluoridated water through your skin each time you shower.

            The science is in, fluoride is dangerous to your health. Please be advised, and share this news with your friends and family.

            About the Author
            Anna Hunt is a staff writer for and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet, offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here.


            – Stephen Peckham and Niyi Awofeso, “Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 293019, 10 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/293019 –


            Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.

            This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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          4. Ricardo Estrada

            Finally someone with grammar and spelling!

          5. davi

            PLEASE STFU JENN

            I have had enough with your fuckin lying or straight ignorane..Fools who cant comprehend physics say their chemtrails…there fucking water clouds dipshit from the difference in pressure on a planes wings…jesus fuckin christ the chemtrail nuts dont do any research yet still think they know it all..CAN YOU SAY CLOSE MINDED?

          6. Toto

            @John Hamm, as soon as you mention conspiracy theorists YOU LOSE ALL credibility

          7. james sherwood

            i realize i’m late for this conversation. some of you discredit the mention of chem trails. well on the military channel they did an entire show on the chem trails. on direct tv channel 287. now called AHCH.

          8. Sweety

            Interesting that you mentioned your mother-in-law’s “SECOND BATTLE WITH CANCER”. When I read that, it let’s me know what she was diagnosed and I bet she was treated with conventional means. Well, I can’t really say for sure she was, but I want to confirm if that is true or not. If you answer “YES”, there is a slight possibility that the treatment she had before took a toll on her immune system. And I would also question what her diet consisted of, not to put her down. I also believe that it is highly dependent upon the community with which you surround yourself and what you chose to do. Someone mentioned on the radio that our society puts too much emphasis on pill taking and very little on prevention. And that is very true and sad. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet mother-in-law.

            We do have to be understanding that when a person is DIAGNOSED with cancer, it is nor a death sentence depending on the approach. And that when they are treated conventionally once, we have to understand the protocol and what takes place with the specimens. See, people never think about that the path that these specimens take before the doctor sees them. Some get cross-contaminated on the slide and through processing. NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THAT. I’m a certified histotech, trust me, I know. Cancer cells come and go, it just happens that at the time of the biopsy, they catch the cells. We have more control of them, even with out mind than we think.

            Doctors only take 1 semester, UNO, ONE… of pharmacology. ONE! But they prescribe meds? And we take them? I was almost disabled from taking a drug, from then on out… I seek out alternative meds. Even with getting 14 teeth removed in one day (only with novacaine – not sleep at all), I was prescribed Vicodin. Ice and arnica pellets. My recovery was great. I disposed of all 15 Vicodin in the trash.

            People, educate yourself. Do your research. It could save your life.

        3. aurit tayag


        4. Barbara Walsh

          Ignorance is bliss! There are many people who eats healthy, dont drink, don’t smoke and work out regularly and they still get cancer! What is your take on someone who does all the above visits the doctor for a checkup;the doctor says he is in excellent health and he walks out the doctor’s and drops dead from s heart attack!!??!

          1. Jeroen

            There are many causes of cancer. Bad nutrition is only one of them.

            Some of the main ones many people that say they live healthily overlook:
            1. bras with wires in it (works as an antenna for electromagnetic radiation and causes breast cancer).

            2. drugs (mainstream medicine). All drugs have side effects and one of the long term side effect of using drugs during throughout your life can be cancer.

            3. vaccines. Not just the mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde (proven carcinogenic) in the vaccines can cause cancer but having a mix of viruses in your body (from the vaccines) on top of it is a mayor cause of cancer.

            4. cell phones. If you use a cell phone often (worse for children) it fries your brain and can lead to strokes and brain cancer.

            5. antiperspirant. Unlike deodorant (which is ok) antiperspirant contains aluminum and is one of the causes of breast cancer.

            Cancer was a very rare disease a 100 years ago when most of the above were not used or only in very small quantities.

          2. Jeroen

            As for the doctor that says people are healthy. If it is an MD: very simple, they are ignorant. Mainstream medicine and MDs really have no clue about health. The most heard sentence from MDs is: ‘we have no idea what it is but do take this pill’.

            Ask your MD about the cause of any disease and he won’t be able to tell you. MDs are educated to sell drugs and cut away body parts, not to understand the illness and health and cure. You’ll have to find an ND or other alternative health practitioner for that. The internet is full of it.

            And yes, there are exceptions: MDs who do read and look at humans in a more holistic way.

            Cancer is cured many times. It is just that the meanstream medical industry does everything they can to attack those real doctors that do not believe in poisoning (chemo), burning (radiation) and cutting (surgery) as the holy trinity of ‘modern’ medicine.

            It is such a joke. But not a funny one…

        5. Fred

          You are even more wrong than you can imagine, My Brother has terminal cancer and he eats nothing but Vegetarian organic foods for the last 40 years , there are cures out there but the FDA is holding everything back and taking £30 per Chemo. patent thanks very much . other countries that don’t have cancer issues do have a different diet than us and some of the foods they eat can and almost certainly suppress cancer, and other serious issues. If the FDA find any natural fruit or vegetable, or plant then all they do is try to recreate those effects chemically so they can both deny the find, and patent their chemically copy of the original, but the chemical alternative to the original plant comes with side effects often extreme and even fatal.

        6. H2o2BillJr

          April, what you say has some truth in it yet it seems you have no compassion. I’m going to assume it’s because you lack understanding. For one buying all organic food is very expensive out of the question for some families. And organic food is not always the healthiest food either. Many don’t know what they are doing and are not producing nutrient dense food. Many don’t add minerals to the soil and are looking to save every dollar possible in their production of growing crops. Further more many people can eat right their entire lives and still get cancer this is well known. A simple herb that cures cancer certainly sounds to good to be true but certainly warrants investigation. And looking at the herb’s history might be one to have on hand in case we have some kind of viral outbreak. I just noticed I’m late with this post and will end it here.

          John 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

        7. Laurie

          April, not all cancers can be traced to anything anyone “did wrong” or ate wrong. We live in a polluted environment where nothing is perfect any more, and even the best educated and most health-conscious, organic-diet-eating people can be diagnosed with terrible diseases, including cancers. Your own ignorance and foolishness is clearly on display when you try to blame the “victims” of terrible diseases. Climb down off your holier-than-thou high horse, lady, and have a little bit of compassion instead of blaming people. Not everyone has HAD the opportunities that YOU have evidently had of endless hours of freedom to peruse the internet to educate themselves about all things pertaining to their health, much less to verify sources of the myriad of articles pertaining to health, organic eating, etc. I am fortunate enough to hold a post grad degree and I am still overwhelmed at times by the amount of medical/health information there is available yet to learn, absorb and assimilate. I can’t imagine younger, less educated, less advantaged people being expected to know as much as a doctor/health professional as you seem to be proposing in your rant. I guarantee you don’t know nearly as much as you THINK you know. YOU TOO can become a victim of cancer, regardless of how healthy you believe you eat. Why does an innocent baby whose mother ate a totally organic diet and was only breast fed have a malignant glioma? There are NO LIFESTYLE RISK FACTORS related to malignant gliomas. They JUST HAPPEN. LOTS of cancers are that way. Spout off again when you have a MD behind your name to back up your acidic crap. Otherwise, shut the hell up and quit blaming people who ARE victims of a terrible disease. I’m really touchy about this because I am

          – Laurie Downs, Cancer Survivor, and one who has lots too many loved ones to cancer.

        8. Tony

          Are you kidding? Evidence of cancer dates back to 1600 BC in mummified specimens. I guess they had fast food back then? they just ride their woolly fuckin mammoth through the drive through i guess. Fucking stupid.

        9. Bren

          “NO ONE IS A VICTIM”….. April, I feel SORRY for both your Ignorance—AND, your Lack of Compassion for others !! What a hate-filled holier-than-thou POST !! (I won’t criticize your grammar, or spelling– but before you go calling others names … perhaps you should “check yourself”.) Having recently sat by my Father’s side–watching this heinous cancer eat away at him–bit by bit…day by day–I HIGHLY Resent your GLIB statement.

          My Father NEVER drank alcohol, or caffeinated beverages–only water, juices, and occasionally whole milk. Fresh whole foods–he was raised on a farm, where fresh food was not a problem, and meats were UN-processed. He NEVER smoked a cigarette–or anything for that matter. Went to bed early–was up before the chickens !! He was in great physical shape–at 83 (2 months before his Dx of BC) the Dr. said he had the healthy body of a 45 y/o–the same month he put a roof on my sister’s house—by himself. He was one of 8 children (4 ♂, 4 ♀). Of those 8 children— 4 (2 ♂, 2 ♀) died from a Glioblastoma Multiforme (an aggressive Brain Cancer). It was NOT from eating bad, poor, or JUNK foods.
          Our family is in a study w/MD Anderson Cancer Inst. So far, it looks as though a “Scandinavian gene” could be the culprit, as 1 other family (Sweden) has 4 in one family (my family immigrated from Denmark). Another family in Argentina has 3–the Mother of the 3 was originally from Sweden.

          While VERY TRUE–Food plays such an Important part in our health– it is both Cruel, and uninformed to PAINT everyone with such a wide, and GUILT-Soaked Brush !! Genetics DO play a factor—unfortunately. (Slightest headache–I FEAR “the family curse” !!) Try living with THAT !!(and Yes–I eat organically, vegetarian –and garden Non-GMO..etc !!)

      3. Darwoodhurst

        I have to agree in a way with Linda, I don’t want to be a pessimist, but tell me, what will all the Oncologists, radiologists, Chemo and Radiation technicians and scientists do for jobs if cancer is cured? They will not have a skill set for anything other than Cancer. Am I missing something? there doesn’t seem to be enough jobs now, what will we do with all of the people who are working in this specialty field?


        1. Steve

          I seriously hope you are joking when about being worried about the cancer doctors not having jobs. Sucks for them indeed, but I would rather see every cancer doctor be out of work and have to go work at wal mart or something than have cancer in existence. And I’m sure these doctors would be able to find work elsewhere in the medical community anyway.

        2. Brother all these, professsions are not for survival or earning money alone , any alternative theraphy is to be tried as adjuant theraphy along side and benefit from its usefulness to mankind and have relief, help restore, and enjoy life

        3. Dania

          Radiology ha way more to it than cancer- broken bones, clotted arteries, etc…

        4. tattoo

          work on cures for altzheimers,arthritis etc.

          1. shazz

            alzheimer’s is curable with high doses of pure Coconut oil, and can be caused by aluminium cooking utensils etc, and arthritis will be helped by consuming a healthy diet eg beef broth soup contains all the ingredients our bodies need to avoid arthritis

        5. Le

          Everyone agrees that the pharmaceutical companies run this. But I guarantee you that more than half the people on here don’t vote. Want it to change, start voting instead of ranting on the internet.

        6. Audrey Williams

          Having worked in the medical field a long time, I have seen a Drs. 5 year old child die of leukemia and a Drs. 16 year old child died of osteosarcoma. Do you people not realize that Doctors, Radiologist, and Oncologist have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, daughters and sons just like you do. Do you really think that someone is hiding this information because someone will be out of a job!!! There will always be the sick and new diseases will appear and old ones come back. Pharmaceutical are making boatloads of money and would make even more with each new drug they put out. Come on folks, grow a brain!!! Maybe that’s the new drug they should work on.

          1. Noname

            Uh, sorry, but Doctor’s are taught by the Big Pharma, so maybe they believe that what they are doing is the right thing to do. They don’t cure, they create patients my friend. Some DO know, but aren’t saying because it’s all about the money. Every drug,vaccine, and chemo cause horrible things to occur in your body. I beat Inflammatory Breast Cancer naturally, no chemo, no drugs, no radiation, nothing, so, it CAN be done. Cancer is a symptom of a toxic body, clean it out and clean up the diet, avoid sugar and dairy and processed foods and your body will heal. Cancer only lives in an acidic body, but not one that the PH is alkaline. Chemo KEEPS the body acidic and I also believe they add sugar to this which feeds the cancer. I think maybe you should grow a brain as you so rudely said or maybe you yourself are affected by the drugs, vaccines, and horrible foods you probably eat. I know someone who had cancer and while giving him boatloads of chemo, the Dr. told him to go to McDonald’s and or eat whatever he wanted. Now, does this sound very educated in the field of nutrition to you or that they really give a hoot?

        7. Dianne

          Darwood, you have got to be kidding! You prefer to let people suffer with cancer for the sake of people losing jobs ?!??!!? What kind of person are you??? When its your turn to get this awful disease, you will know the agony of pain and suffering while you continue your path to death, while your friends and family suffer at the loss of you. While even knowing that a cure is possible, you sit back and think of all those you leave behind who love your sorry ass. Pitiful, just pitiful that people like you think this way. UGH !!!

      4. JOOLZ


        1. Lookingforlotion

          And where is this so called magic lotion/potion? Has he rubbed it all over himself to hide from the evil pharmacy lords?

    3. kraven

      A lot of types of Cancer is already ‘curable’, it’s not a death sentence anymore.

      1. lave

        If you live in Canada your only cure for cancer is to have chemo treatments and its not the treatment that kills you is the long journey that you take after trying to build your cells back and just do normal things like walk so were are all the cures?? I would like to know

        1. shazz

          shark liver oil aka squalene is effective in restoring post radiation trauma, is that available from a health shop in Canada?

      2. viaa

        It was a death sentence for 75,000 people in Canada not including 81,700 new non-melanoma cases reported.

        1. Bil

          While tragic, what did they do to prevent or help fix their situations? And don’t bother answering with chemotherapy because I and too many people have watched people waste thousands of dollars trying with that method. Those populations most likely did not try this method, and if it could even help one person it’s worth all the effort. Cancer is something people claim to be hereditary, but how many generations does it go back? Our ancestors did not die of it. It is something outside the natural world but also something the natural world can rid our bodies from it

          1. Laurie

            Bil, precisely HOW can you make the claim that your “ancestors” did not die from cancers? That is a ludicrous assertion! Many many of them surely DID, only they weren’t identified as cancers, which weren’t even understood or known. People just died because they got sick. That’s how our ancestors understood things. And if they homeopathic cures that were tried failed, they died. But it’s ridiculous to believe that cancer is somehow a “new” disease only known within the past few generations!

      3. Most of those cancers that are cured are only tested for five years, after remission is declared, for morbidity. To say you cured somebody of cancer using chemo or radiation is probably not an accurate statement. However, the physiological environment of cancer formation is something you can prevent for the most part.

    4. wilfredo Singsing

      Please give idea on how to avail this herb for growing in our country, Philippines. Please help!

      1. jhun

        look for wikipedia it it damong kamaria..

      2. abraham ortiz

        It’s grown everywhere in the Philippines.

        1. Elo lopez

          What is its local name in the Phil.

          1. laarni

            in bicol province, it is called ARTAMISA, a sweet-smelling herb.

        2. Jun Manriqu


          What is the local name of this plant? Where in the Philippines is it particularly grown? Would appreciate very much more info on this plant.



        3. annielyn jonas

          where in the phil can i get this

          1. Gertrude

   sells it but the brand they sell is also sold by others.

        4. Topito

          Where in the Philippines? And how do you know this? Iba ba tawag dito saatin? I want to study it and help everyone. A lotin my family dies bec of Cancer. If i can help i will. Thanks.

      3. Hi Wilfredo, not only the pharmaceutical companies dont allow, our doctors too havent opened up. They think cancer is a virus or bacteria, in fact it existed due to lifestyle. The body is too acidic. Japanese doctors are very well aware of this. You tube:kangen water used in hospital, dr.hiromi shinya kangen water case studies and afa extract. Now available world wide. Email me for more info. Thx.

        1. Physiologic acidity is best influenced by the prevention of systemic inflammation…you do this by creating a healthy gut environment…And you do that by….long story.

        2. Vaidya Naveen Sharma

          Absolutely right.Cancer cell do there metabolism in Fermented media (Acidic media ). So cause should be removed first ,

        3. bencar

          whats this give me some info

      4. conchita

        it is grown here in Philippines called “DAMONG MARIA”

    5. To All Readers:

      Most the anti-Cancer and anti-Oxidant are coming from natural, organic and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Its a century old belief. Even Doctor’s parents believe with that facts. Only greed and literacy ego make this wonderful provision from God, becomes ineffective.

    6. Dear Linda, This remark is pretty negative. One of the joys of the Internet is that we can communicate outside the control of the mega-corporation Big Boys. Give these things a chance. Cross-check with other posts. They may be some great information coming out. Good luck!
      Kind regards and blessings
      David Wheeler.

    7. Chuck

      Insanity reigns yet again. Cancer can not be cured by plants or by chants; cancer was around before McD’s, industrial smog, cigarettes, artificial sweeteners, chemical waste dumps and Co. (not saying that those don’t make it worse!). Maybe when we stop pretending we are living in a Science Fiction novel, and the future as we think it just isn’t here yet, then maybe we can calm down and realise we are still better off than 20 years ago for treatments, yet maybe hundreds of years away for a total treatment… and most likely never will be able to prevent it (or dare I say, develop a “cure”). Love to fall on my face and be proven wrong on this, but I just don’t think I will.

      1. You already are a medical thinking person, so prevention is in your scientific library, not mine. You need to read a couple of books that will enlighten you maybe a little. Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes and also throw in Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger. Insulin spikes, unhealthy gut and systemic inflammation are being connected to cancer cell growth environment. It is not that cancer did not exist but the sheer numbers we are seeing, in today’s world, that are concerning. This cannot be explained away with the old theory we are simply living longer.

      2. Ginny

        You are already proven wrong. Go to and type in “cancer” in the search box. You will find THOUSANDS of scientific studies about natural herbs and foods that have been proven to kill cancer cells and cure cancers. The website maintains the largest database of scientific studies on natural substances and their proven healing properties. Many, many people have been cured by plants such as graviola, cannibas, turmeric and hundreds of more natural plants and foods. Nature knows her business. Allopathic doctors are trained in “managed care”. This means care that emphasizes managing pain and lessening their legal liability. They are not trained to cure anything.

    8. Hi Linda you are right, not only the pharmaceutical companies dont allow, our doctors too havent opened up. They think cancer is a virus or bacteria, in fact it existed due to lifestyle. The body is too acidic. Japanese doctors are very well aware of this. You tube:kangen water used in hospital, dr.hiromi shinya kangen water case studies and afa extract. Now available world wide. Email me for more info. Thx.

      1. Kat

        Palani K, please don’t come on here and try and sell people kangen water. It’s ridiculously over-priced and it’s a pyramid scheme. Puleeze. I have a water purifier that alkanizes water and I paid $40 for it… not $5,000, which is what you’ll be asking people for when they contact you. Kangen water is a joke.

        1. susan

          What purifier is that? Does it works. Thks

        2. felice

          Could you please share where I can buy that $40 alkanizing water purifier? Thanks for your help.

    9. C.D Michael

      Kill the word Cancer Kill the Cancer.
      Perception is Reality.

    10. Kane

      Linda it is ridiculous to imagine a pharmaceutical company making money WITHOUT making a drug to cure a disease. The idea that pharmaceutical companies don’t want to find and bring forward a cure for cancer (they have for many types) is like any other conspiracy theory that pessimistic people love to spread, and from the looks of your entire post you are one of these people.

      1. Hey Kane did you know the inventor of chemotherapy got cancer but refused chemotherapy? After that incident he was interviewed and asked why he refused chem…his answer,”chemo was invented to make money, not cure cancer”.

        1. felice

          WOW ! May I know this inventor’s name? thank you.

      2. Terry

        Kane please enlighten me with just one cure that has ever truly cured anything, please.

    11. kelsey

      wow that is the worst way to look at life obviously you don’t value it of the people in it. Some of us who have cancer would love a cure and no one can prepare for the prevention of cancer because no one knows whos going to get it when their going to get it or why…

    12. shazz

      cure yourself, keep your body pH at the correct level, cancer only grows in an acid state

    13. Cindy Majors

      All I can say is that if it works, it works. If you had cancer or one of your loved ones had cancer, I bet you would stop complaining and start trying it!

    14. Tyesha Palmer

      And that is just the attitude that keeps pharmaceutical companies profiting 2000% or more per year. So sad. The same money you spend to prevent you will spend on a blessing. The earth provides everything we need to sustain balance and humans are a part of that balance. It’s just a matter of finding the treasure. I’m gonna pray for your negative attitude.

    15. Doug

      Where do you get this herb from?????

    16. folarte

      pls. publish the study of this…in comparison to studies made..e.g. “ANTI-TERATOGENIC EFFECT” on prove its claim…and how effective it is.
      There were plants studied lately…on this topic..”in vitro in vivo”..i hope i am not mistaken with this word…and they yielded positive results..with the application of a media to get their crude and pure extracts and applied them in the target application material where tumor cells were tested in both crude and pure. The results were positive…such a study was done in a well known university in Pinas..and it was already published in a science mag international publication… and am hoping later it could be a breakthrough in oncology..cancer cure..

    17. aurit tayag


    18. Al Dupuis

      I totally agree. I think much of the cancer is coming from all the meat consumption in this county. Much of which is packed with hormones, pesticides from the feed they are given and who knows what else.
      Luckily I am vegan and don’t have that problem.
      What really is disgusting is all the millions of dollars that are donated every year to the American Cancer Society which all goes towards their ads to propagate their drugs ie. chemo and radiation treatments and also to line the pockets of the board of trustees.
      After billions of dollars they still can’t conjure up anything else but old technolgy?
      It’s amazing that in this ultra modern world the medical world is still treating people for cancer with the same technology from the 1940’s and 50’s ! We’ve put men on the moon, computers have shrunken down to what can fit inside your pocket, we communicate on cell technology but still our medicine is in the dark ages?
      It is so obvious that big pharma will stop any attempt to cure cancer because it is a BIG BUSINESS and they have plenty of customers who are duped and uneducated enough to take their death drugs.
      I know because I had a sister who took their drugs and like the doctors told us “the chemo killed the cancer, however the patient died.”

    19. mark k.

      smoking pot is the best way in curing the cancer cells in your body. if you can the dam government too legalize it in your state. but there too make it legal. has in the bible they smoke it. God creative it for the purpose so be able too used it then.

    20. Claudine De Bouvère

      Yes there exists a magic pill Under name Naturastem, fabulous synergy and all patients out of their chair within 5 days. Simple product that liberates our stemcells. Believe me, I tried on my mum who had cerebral hemorragy and she was talking clear and at the present time.

      In the above link, u’ll see viedo of a man who was paralyzed and walking now thanks to stemcells. Nephew aged 2 and 1/2 years had no cancer neither.

    21. This really can work Linda and it is supported by many scientific studies. I have personally seen it work in animals when used in combination with organic berry powders. Tumors and cysts were shrunk over a period of time.

  2. Tracy longman

    How does one obtain this herb with iron in a prepared form?

    1. Marilyn

      That’s exactly what I will love to know. My mom has lung cancer.

      1. Brian Cuizon

        Hi Marilyn. I’m sorry to hear your mom has cancer. But let me recommend something that has already helped cure people with even stage 4 cancer. It’s called C24/7 Natura-centials. Lots of testimonies about it already curing even rare diseases. Let me know if you want more info about it and where you can get it.

        1. will

          hi brian, i wanna know about this C24/7. is it available here in the phil?

        2. ishak

          Can.i know how to get it please?

          1. admin ( Post author )

            You can find it on Chinese herb stores, or on

          2. Diane

            What is it called? My brother just died from cancer.

        3. Jacque

          Cure for stage 4 cancers? If it’s really true, it would be worthy of the Nobel Prize! “Positive” result only “shown” by testimonials? Now that IS the red flag! If it can’t stand up to real clinical studies with statistically significant results, it means nothing! Listen to a lottery winner and you would think that everybody can and will win the first prize! Of course nobody mentioned the thousands who got burnt!

          Also please stop this conspiracy paranoia about big pharmas not wanting to sell a cancer cure. Those selling these “miracle” cures are multimillion if not multibillion-dollar companies too! Artemisinin is now being sold by Sanofi, one of the big big pharmas, which also sells anticancer drugs. So by the paranoids’ theory it will stop selling artemisinin in view of its cancer cure potential! But no, they are ramping up production! LOL! The truth is there is no such thing as a miracle cure/silver bullet for cancers although they are curable when treated early. Only conmen are pushing their unproven alternative products as “miracle” cures. Are desperate enough to be conned?

          1. Ck

            There is no big pharma money to be made in studying naturally existing herbs that are readily available and not patentable. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s business. Big pharma isn’t in it for anyones health. I’m not saying they are evil, I’m stating that they are driven by profits just like McDonalds. The unfortunate truth is that clinical studies require funding. Artemisinin exists because big pharma is able to profit from it. Artemisia annua, what some westerners might refer to as an “unproven alternative product” has been used by Chinese herbalists for more than TWO THOUSAND years in the treatment of many illnesses, such as skin diseases and malaria. Think about that. Two thousand years and yet we refer to it as “alternative” and “unproven.” Food for thought is all I’m saying. There are many ways to know something is a valuable medicine besides a stamp of approval from an American bureaucracy.

          2. Jacque

            Artemisia has been used by the Chinese “sinsehs” traditionally for years for malaria. But when WHO saw a potential in this herb and wanted more samples for research, the Chinese govt refused! Yet traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a compulsory stop for guided tours in China! What are they promoting/selling then? Useless dried stuff? Anyway artemisinin is mainstream now as an antimalarial (not anticancer) after it has been proven to be effective. It is a good example of traditional herbal source accepted as mainstream treatment but in purified active form (artemisinin), not in herbal form which is affected by climate, soil condition and also the risk of heavy metal pollution from the soil. Other mainstream drugs derived from plants/natural sources are atropine, digitalis, quinine and many types of antibiotics. The moral of the story is PROVE ITS EFFECTIVENESS AND IT WILL BE ACCEPTED! Thousands of years means nothing! In fact common sense will raise red flags that they aren’t still not accepted DESPITE thousands of years of use!!!

            Many of the companies selling herbal supplements and alternative treatments are themselves big. Why aren’t they themselves doing any research? The truth is they are afraid of knowing the truth that many of the “positive” effects from these herbs are just placebo effect! And that despite thousands of years of use!

          3. Ehsan Partovi

            clinical trial? would that be the same type of clinical trial done on the effect of Laetrile by salon kettering hospital in NY? the most prestigious cancer research hospital in the world that changed and censored the result of the study showing the substance killing cancer cells for decades? when they didn’t like the findings of the research they changes the doctors on the study 3 times and every time they came to the same conclusion that Laetrile killed the cancer cells- reduced pain- and prevented tumors from regrowing. some people would call that a cure. they finally found a 4th doctor who said what they liked to publish and that’s what they ended up publishing until the papers were leaked in 2005. the study was done in the 70s due to public demand. there is also Gerson therapy that is the only peer reviewed cancer cure in terminal stages and they have been pushed out of US and forced to cure people in mexico now.I am a walking proof of it. doctors are at blame for this not because they are bad people and want you to die but because they are ignorant and don’t want to rock the boat by digging the truth out and being healers rather than DEALERS.

          4. Jacque

            I am truly disappointed to find my replies to Ck and anti-Jacque rejected by the moderator! My replies only contained rational down-to-earth advice and comments. If such input is rejected then I can conclude that the moderator is only interested in promoting unproven remedies and encouraging readers to indulge in self-delusions about unproven remedies and conspiracy theories. In any case I would not want to waste my time and energy! Enjoy your own delusions! Good bye!

        4. maria

          where do we buy this c24/7 my dad has cancer of the lungs and he is on remission for 4 years . we underwent surgery but refused the chemo treatment.

          1. admin ( Post author )

            Dear Maria,
            This herb you can find in Chinese stores or you can search for it on

          2. c24/7 is a product of aim global,try also the yakun can buy it in sm groceries.ask need to juice a 1 kilo of yakun fruit everyday let your father drink the yakun not peel the yakun .just clean it,and slice a cube so it will be easy to squeze in a juicer.pray a lot when doing it,i introduce yakun fruit to my friend suffering colorectal cancer.she canot even stand to her feet.her feces was black color because,shes bleeding inside.when she drink yakun juice,her feces color became normal.but died because she stop drinking yakun juice after became normal.worst hapen after.when you start doing it,dont stop.godbless.

          3. Stephan Williams

            No one here is talking about the proven ability of cannabis oil to cure cancer. Why it that? If you go online you’ll find all kinds of testimonials from people who have been PROVEN to be cured of cancer after using the oil as their only medicine. A good place to learn more is

        5. felice

          I do want information on it. Thank you.

      2. jay

        rofl just buy the plant and grow it your self?

        1. Ck

          You’re hungry? Oh just grow a salad.

      3. michael khalil

        How and where can I get Artemisinin, Is it a pill?


        Hello Marilyn,I am sorry to hear that your mother is suffering from lung cancer because my wife was also told 2 years ago that she also had lung cancer.The chemo has kept it in check but the treatment has left Margaret with no strength and open to infections. We have discussed travelling to China but maybe this herb might help solve the problem instead of travelling.Could you please keep me informed with info you have and I will do the same. We live in N.Ireland.Thanking you for any help. Best regards…….DAVID HEANEY

        1. Cole Wagner

          This herb grows in Europe too, it is called Mugwort. 😉

    2. Shelley Wilson

      They wont tell you the most important bits…where to get it from? in what form should it be taken and in what quantities/time of day etc. I fear another hype or a drug company behind who will end up trying to patent a plant to make billions from cancer sufferers!
      Prevention is achievable but not in the main we are not educated in prevention those who want to know do their research alone and have to deem what is fact and fiction – about time the government or someone reputable actually got the right information for the human race and stopped lining their pockets while we die from a preventable disease…the sick and sad world we live in.

      1. Jess

        Go see an Oriental Medicine practitioner/ Acupuncturist. This herb is a part of the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica and is used frequently in formulas for numerous reasons.

      2. Jacque

        Information about cancer prevention is out there, in all sorts of form, from pamphlets to internet! All governments, except maybe North Korea, are disseminating such info to the public. Look up yourself and stop blaming the world! It is less straining on national budgets to have healthy citizens through prevention and primary care than to treat all the diseases, especially the chronic ones. Info from the internet can actually be rubbish or pseudoscience at best! Only check out info from government or reputable organization websites. Don’t even open websites advocating unproven alternative products because they use gulit and fear-of-the-unkown psychology which leaves long-lasting negative memories and effects. Just remember, if their products are so good wouldn’t they be in mainstream treatment? Barring conspiracists’ paranoia, of course!

        Red flags to look out for:
        1) Use of superlatives eg. miracle, cure, absolutely safe, etc
        2) Lots of advertisements selling mumbo-jumbo cure-all products
        3) Use of testimonials from “patients”/celebrities to “prove” efficacy or cure
        4) Websites set up by those with unproven alternative products to sell
        5) (Just use your common sense for goodness sake!!!)

        1. Anti-Jacque

          Jacque i feel you but pharmaceutical companies make trillions off drugs and sponsor medical research. The food we eat, especially meat, is poison. There are suppressed cures for the incurables.

          1. Jacque

            @antiJacque If it’s “incurable” how can anything “suppress cure”? My advice to you is to consume a balanced diet (that means moderate amount of meat included) with more fruits and vegetables, maintain ideal body weight, regular exercise and adequate sleep (7-8 hours a night) …..and perhaps see a psychiatrist!

            Practising a moderate lifestyle and not paying much attention to pop science especially on “this food contains this and that so it’s good for that and this” or vice versa reports will help reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety about what we consume. If you are so paranoid about “poisonous” meat, what about the polluted air you are breathing in every second?! Hold your breath like you avoid meat? Moderation my friend!

          2. Sarika

            I agree with Ant-Jacque that pharma companies are out to kill people. They won’t make money if they don’t sell their drugs. They may know about natural cures but don’t promote. A lot of things are poison! I don’t trust the FDA.

      3. Darwoodhurst


        1. felice

          Didn’t you guys ever hear of Hippocrates’ advice? “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food”. Google this phrase and you will find lots of articles on nature and plants being efficacious healing pathways. So, please don’t put down every alternative therapy. Some may be snakeoil scams but many are truly good.

    3. Hi Tracy,

      I don’t think it’s legal yet, but it will be interesting in knowing the price and where to obtain this form.

      1. Matt

        LEGAL!!??? Surely it’s a plant! Why the hell would they have to legalise it??

    4. Tracy, look into Lunasin.. it is available in the market. Not in stores but through distributors.. email me.

      1. Diane

        Hi, Please e-mail me too. Thanks

    5. Sheryl

      Google it… pretty sure there is more info on it!

      1. Sheryl

        also called sweet wormwood

        1. julia williams

          Thank you I was just going to ask what the common name was

    6. Caleb

      Hi Tracy. I did some research and found a site (see below) that explains the course of treatment. “First the patient would be given iron supplements to raise iron concentrations in their cancer cells, and then the compound would be given in pill form.” Artemisinin and iron cannot be in a pill form together. This is because, “when Artemisinin or any of its derivatives comes into contact with iron, a chemical reaction occurs, spawning charged atoms that are called free radicals.” Therefore, the body needs to have high iron deposits BEFORE starting the course of artemisinin. Hope that helps.

  3. Marilyn

    That’s exactly what I will love to know, where can I get this so called Artemisa plant with iron in form pill?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Marilyn you can find Artemisia in Chinese herbs stores.

    2. cetas

      Where can i get this herb plant?

    3. msbetz

      So just get the plant and take iron supplement with it.

    4. jhun

      this is what we call in the philippines damong maria or kamaria…

  4. Kier

    Cure? And now sanofi will produce? I dont think so. This report is bogus so that people will think it’s legit. Honestly, only vitamin b17 is the only cure to cancer. Guys please watch a world without cancer so that all of you can open your eyes! Tjis rrport is talking about the price, wow! BIG WORD! Eat apricot kernes every day and get rid of the cancer right away!

    1. James

      Remember, Cancer is a systemic disease and needs to be treated holistically. Change your diet to Vegan, stop eating all the dead flesh foods and junk foods, sodas, and canned foods laden with chemicals, msg, preservatives and the like. Eat largely of Raw Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables, drink lots and lots and lots of fresh Carrot/Apple juices and Green juices with Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber and etc. Flush your Colon from the old hidden toxins and get the B17 Laetrile from Cytopharm in Mexico and use the injectable and oral combined. Pray and ask God for Healing and work in Harmony with His plan for your life (Genesis 1:29, Psalms 103:1-3). God bless you TRUTH SEEKERS!

      1. Walker

        1) Believe, turn and be baptised.
        2) Believe for healing in Yeshua’s name
        3)Lyposomal encapsulated Vitamin C.
        But you need an Ultrasonic cleaner to make it.
        10 % more effective than Vitamin c injection
        Ie 85 % absorbed!!!

  5. Koos

    “If a healing technique is demonstrated to have curative properties in properly controlled double-blind trials, it ceases to be “alternative medicine” . It simply becomes medicine.”
    — Richard Dawkins

  6. The best way to take this herb is make a tea out of it and take 30mg of ferrous iron in the form of a supplement. This herb is available in South Africa in abundance. Also squeeze half a lemon in the tea.

    1. Hop2it

      what amount of Artemisia Annua per quart please? 30mg iron per quart/cup?

    2. Hi Haresh,
      Thanks for your advice. do you know where I can get seed from?
      I live in Zimbabwe.
      Kind regards and blessings
      David Wheeler.

  7. penny worthington

    is there a study where one can sign up for this drug? in Canada.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Penny,
      you can find Artemisia herb in Chinese herbs stores

  8. Keith morales

    If it is effective, will it be ok for g6pdd positive? Because the drug for malaria quinine is not good for g6pdd.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Keith,
      We recommend you to consult with your doctor about this.

  9. Charmaine

    Hi, very inspirring.
    Where Can I buy thoses herbs please ?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Charmaine,
      you can buy Artemisia herb from Chinese herbs stores.

      1. Chris

        What is its common name? Can I just ask any Chinese herb store for ARTEMISIA herb or does it have a Chinese or common herb name? Thank you in advance.

        Btw, thank you for a very informative article.

        1. admin ( Post author )

          Dear Chris,
          its common name is Artemisinin.

          1. Ray

            This is also known as WORMWOOD. Good stuff and is available in capsule form.

        2. Jess

          Qing Hao is the pinyin for artemisia anuua/sweet wormwood. Look at pictures before going to make sure you are buying the right herb.

        3. Hoc

          Artemisinin /ɑrtɨˈmɪsɨnɨn/, also known as Qinghaosu (Chinese: 青蒿素

  10. Julie

    How can someone in ireland receive this and the iron in a prepared form for treatment

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Julie do a web search to see how you can receive this herb in Ireland.

    2. Thinus

      Simple. Go to your pharmist and tell him you want Coartem because you are going to Africa and for precaution you want to take malaria medicine with you. Drink it as if you have malaria. The active ingredient in Coartem is artemisin. 1 Coartem contains 20 mg artemisin. Another pill is Duo-Cotexcin, it contains 40 mg. And Duo-Cotexcin is manufactured in China. It will not kill you. I had 6 times malaria. This medicine is also a knock-out for a cold.

      Kind Regards
      South Sudan

  11. Zsaire Gable

    I would try Dr. Christophers Herb Shop! They are the US in Utah I believe!If you can’t find it there do a web search to see where you could locate it.

    1. Raynald

      We call it Damong Maria, we’ve got a lot of it here in the Philippines.

      1. e

        yun pala yun.. kamaria!!
        true?? thanks a lot!

      2. julia williams

        I would love to find where I could get seeds or slips and find out how to grow the plants myself

      3. Nunally

        Damong Maria is Wormwood, or Artemisia absinthium, should not be confused with sweet wormwood, or Artemisia annua. Although wormwood is related to sweet wormwood, they are used in different ways. The plant contains a volatile oil with a high level of thujone. There are reports that taking large doses of wormwood internally can cause serious problems with the liver and kidneys. It can also cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headache, dizziness, seizures, numbness of the legs and arms, delirium, and paralysis.

        1. Nimue

          I’d heed Nunally’s warning here, I have a friend who suffered deep damage to his liver from artimisinin as prescribed by a Naturopathic doctor. All wormwood should be used for only a limited time under somebody’s supervision who knows what liver damage is about. This is not an herb to be used without understanding and caution.

        2. bellatere

          thank u for this info – a friend gave me teabags n am a bit reluctant to drink bcos there are so many herbals now ‘advertised’ on FB that one really don’t know what to believe or take – another is d guyabano tea!! just finished my chemo session n just eating as normal as possible, regaining energy n yes drinking green tea or ‘malunggay’ tea n d guyabano tea –

  12. I bet cancer research UK would run a mile from it because it would mean that there will be no more funding to line people’s pockets, oh yes I know it is another charity, but like most charities I think 3/4 of the monies goes on people managing the charity rather than cause.

    I have successfully treated my own arthritis with my own blend of essential oils and guess what? When I approached Arthritis UK they said who am I affiliated with? What I said? Well are you associated with any research establishment like health organisation or university?

    NO, I said.

    Don’t want to know you, they said!

    I was totally disgusted by their attitude and would like to speak to their CEO one day or whoever is ‘creaming’ it at the top!


    1. Hi Harry,

      Congratulations in successfully treating your arthritis.
      If I was you, I wouldn’t waste time in contacting or waiting
      for their CEO to contact you because it will never happen.
      I would spread the word on your knowledge in your own treatment.
      It can help others with arthritis and help prevent early stages
      of arthritis.

      Help spread the word and help save our world… ;-}
      Thanks for reading,

    2. Marek

      Hello, what to know for blend of essential oils for arthritis.
      Would like. I have tried a lot, but does not help.
      Thank you

      1. Try honey and cinnamon – and, more important: get rid of any bitterness or unforgiveness in your life.

    3. Lynn

      Harry, What essential oils are working for you with your arthritis? My mother has a problem with arthritis in her knees and I am looking for something that may help her.
      Thank you,

    4. Mel

      Harry,can you tell me how you treat your arthritis, I would very happy to know because I have a lot of friends who is suffering from arthritis, I can spread the good news to them. Thank you very much

    5. Sam

      Hi Harry

      Pls can you reply and direct me to explain how you have managed / treated your arthritis.

      Thnx so much

      1. elijah

        it’s good more on more doctors or coming out saying that they have the cure for cancer and evening if they’re lying, not taking away any thing from them. But a man by the name of Dr. Sebi been curing aids, cancer and all other diseases since 1988

    6. khan

      Harry good to see that u r cured from arthritis now. my mom has same disease from years. what oil did u make & used? any idea? & yes this world is so mean & act like a bitch. I can understand what u would have felt when they kicked ur idea out.

    7. Tena from Illinois

      I would like to know what EO’s you used? Please spread the news of your cure! It may help others who are suffering from arthritis! Did you change your diet at all? Did you do anything else that might have helped your arthritis as well?
      Please reply.
      Thank you!

    8. Jennifer

      There’s a book called defeat cancer now by TAMARA ST.JOHN she also has a web site. very interesting. For Arthritis you can drink a milk called Golden Milk. which is made up of organic Hemp milk or coconut milk or Almond milk used with turmeric paste [turmeric mixed with water on low heat] this is mentioned on the coconut mama web page . Hope this is helpful.

    9. TeresaT

      Will you share your blend of oils remedy on this board for arthritis please? Thank you.

  13. cetas

    Hi where can i buy those herbs? Do you have any store in the Philippines?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      You should look at the Herb stores.

    2. marcas

      Cetas, in bicol region this herb grows anywhere, we call this ARTAMESA, used to cure arthritis by rubbing the leaves in the affected area

  14. vince

    a lot of things kill cancer cells in a test tube, like a flamethrower.

    artemisin is being studied for its anti malarial and anti cancer properties. It has had more progress on the anti malarial side. As for the anti cancer effects, its still to early. Wait for more research.

    “However, simple artemisinin analogs are less potent than traditional cancer chemotherapeutic agents and have short plasma half-lives, and would require high dosage and frequent administration to be effective for cancer treatment. More potent and target-selective artemisinin-compounds are being developed. ”

    – Invest New Drugs. 2013 Feb;31(1):230-46. doi: 10.1007/s10637-012-9873-z. Epub 2012 Aug 31.
    Development of artemisinin compounds for cancer treatment.
    Lai HC, Singh NP, Sasaki T.

  15. Ross

    I can’t find any medical research journal called “Life Science”, which leads me to be skeptical.

  16. sam

    I don’t know the validity of this study on this new cure or whether the efficacy is the herb is significant but if any of you are interested in a real cure, the Gerson institute is your best bet because the Gerson therapy has unequivocally cured MOST types of cancer and you should definitely check them out and documentaries on them….Dr. Bruzynski is also another name to check out…..Diligent activism can only destroy these big pharma cartels

  17. Ancient Chinese Guy

    Always leave it to the Chinese for truth and health. They know more than Western ‘Doctors’, who in truth simply want to extort your money like the first comment said. Case after case has been cataloged of people being tarnished in Western Society, but ending up praised in the Eastern World. Don’t take my word for it, look into it yourself.

    1. Hey, that sounds like sense to me.
      Is that Confucius?!
      Thanks anyway.

    2. Shams Rehman

      I have read the article and most comments with great interest. However, the question i would like to ask is why the Chinese have not developed it into a mainstream drug? as for as i am aware of Chinese are not controlled by the Big Pharma Companies are they? what is stopping them from producing this drug for the world market as they dominate this market with several other products/ commodities?

  18. Joakim Oxborg

    I was in Tanzania about 2 years ago, building on an orphanage in a small village. One day I got malaria and I was in bed for days with high fever. On the fourth day a local nurse came to me and told me to drink artemisia and I would be cured in the morning. Knowing what artemisia tasted like I first said no. Then on the fifth day I changed my mind. I drank the artemisia-tea. The next day I was completely cured and was feeling great. This herb can do so many things you wouldn’t believe.

  19. M T Z Rahmani

    I can get you quintals load fresh artemisinin, a “Sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia Annua”amazing-herb-kills-98-cancer-cells-just-16-hours. kindly inreturn get me access to(anti-polio)plants produce in pakistan reserch papers equivalent to study papers published for artemisia annua

    1. TeresaT

      Look for wormwood research at the University of Washington State USA by Dr. Singh and Dr. Henry Lai. They proved that wormwood explodes cancer cells and gets rid of malaria and also Leukemia. See their medical research papers already done. They are medical researchers. No need in re-inventing the wheel.

  20. richard wong

    ooohh that is Malaysia food we eat that…we call that ulam leaf taste like mango… and is easy to plant.. :)

    1. Zubaidah

      Hi, what is the name of artemisinin in Malay?

  21. Holly

    “Development of artemisinin compounds for cancer treatment.
    Lai HC, Singh NP, Sasaki T.
    Author information
    Artemisinin contains an endoperoxide moiety that can react with iron to form cytotoxic free radicals. Cancer cells contain significantly more intracellular free iron than normal cells and it has been shown that artemisinin and its analogs selectively cause apoptosis in many cancer cell lines. In addition, artemisinin compounds have been shown to have anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-metastasis, and growth inhibition effects. These properties make artemisinin compounds attractive cancer chemotherapeutic drug candidates. However, simple artemisinin analogs are less potent than traditional cancer chemotherapeutic agents and have short plasma half-lives, and would require high dosage and frequent administration to be effective for cancer treatment. More potent and target-selective artemisinin-compounds are being developed. These include artemisinin dimers and trimers, artemisinin hybrid compounds, and tagging of artemisinin compounds to molecules that are involved in the intracellular iron-delivery mechanism. These compounds are promising potent anticancer compounds that produce significantly less side effect than traditional chemotherapeutic agents.

    PMID: 22935909 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]”

  22. jeff

    if this has been a known cure, why is the hype about it coming about now
    I know a few people who have passed because of Cancer…

    they fought for more than a decade…..

    its sad to know if these were known defenses for cancer…

    why were they not used…



    1. someone

      they didnt release it because they didnt have enough of the plant

    1. TeresaT

      No, don’t buy it in GNC. That store has fillers and soy in their pills. Buy it at Whole Foods or any Herbal store.

  23. Aha


    Please do yourself a favour and dont selfmedicate this stuff.
    Discuss it with your doctor if you wan to give it a go, dont stop with other treatments and put all your faith in this, chances are, it wont work as there are a lot of different types of cancer.
    For all i can see this drug is still in rat testing stage.

    1. TeresaT

      I disagree. Look in your zip code for an herbalist. Use the herbalist and this drug FIRST. Do the TOXIN CHEMO & RADIATION as only a last recourse before death. God used the essential oils and the herbs. Never chemicals to self poison.

  24. Mariel Salvadora

    Is this also effective with colon cancer?Where can I buy this herb in the Philippines?

  25. Karen

    In talking about malaria and how it is treated, is it possible to use this drug to kill lung cancer cells? I realize it may not be legal right now but, would it work?

    1. chris

      luckily we have on our garden but i dont know how to use it..i never think that it would be so important in cancer treatment and other disease till now…someone know how to use it so, please share.

  26. Simply Moroccan

    This herb is very famous back home in Morocco we call it “CHIBA” which is known in Europe as sweet wormwood, we usually drink it with green tea as we boil tea in a pot of water and put the wormwood in a hot water to be cleaned and then put it back in the pot… And for those who are interested in buying it, try whole food, I saw it there several times… Peace be with all and may Almighty GOD cure every sick person … AMEEN

  27. Stance Lane

    Any thing that supports the immune system prevents cancer!

  28. Lorna

    I just diagnosed stage 3 breast cancer and started my chemo.
    Side effects of the medication it’s tooo hard for my body that I’m always ended at ER.
    I would like to try the herbal natural healing.
    Where can we get this herb of leaves.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Lorna, check in the Chinese stores for this herb.

  29. hdupal

    Where can I buy Artemisinin

    1. James

      Pure Formulas has it. Strange pricing though. 1 oz bottle 10.53 2 oz bottle 33.00 but they are from different manufacturers. Right now though they are sold out of the 1 oz bottle.

  30. Mapax

    1. There was no mention of which scientific paper it is referring to nor a date. Only the journal’s name was mentioned.
    2. Articles in the journal in question, Life Science, are not even given a doi number. I do not want to jump to conclusions, but that certainly do not spell trustworthiness.

    1. Lookingforlotion

      Add to that…researchers at the University of California…uh???? Which one? There are 10 campuses? I love how the admin here gives direct links to someone’s online store to buy this herb/pill/wonder drug.

  31. myra apion

    How can i avail of this herb? Pls help me.m

  32. edwin edih

    any other name in bahasa malaysia

  33. Khai

    Seriously? This is a plant which grows in my back yard. Asian eats the young shoot and leaves as a salad.

  34. Amneh Mneimneh

    Hi I m so happy to heard about this herb that can help cancer patient , my mom have multiple mellomiya from two year the doctor start with her with (thalydomide ) and now he start drug name velcade what I need to know does this herb really work with cancer and how we can get it from where ?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Amneh,
      This herb you can get it from Chinese stores or you can search it on

  35. jp

    Link to the study and the peer review or its worthless.

    1. Fred F Tondalo

      well said, we must have access to peer review and results of testing

  36. lucy

    Watch: The Idiot Cycle.

    It’s the most insightful documentary on cancer, environmental pollution, and the pharmaceutical industry you’ll ever see.

  37. This link has very detailed instructions on the actual protocols and sources for the supplements. Enjoy!

  38. thamarai of my friend suffer from breast cancer…can this herb(artemisia)use for breast cancer?where can i get this in malaysia?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      The numerous experiments have shown that this herb can cure breast cancer…but this is only informational website, and most of the remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition.
      You can Buy Artemisinin in pills form here: Doctor’s Best Best Artemisinin (100 Mg), Vegetable Capsules, 90-Count

  39. Jaynie

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. I changed my diet, eliminated sugar, grains, and caffeine. Alkalinized my system by drinking the juice of 1/2 a lemon in 8 ounces of room temperature water first thing in the morning upon arising.
    I live in Mozambique, Africa on a farm. We raise artemisia annua anamed, as well as moringa. Both these plants are scientifically proven to be a cancer cure. For artemisia annua anamed, boil water, place 5 grams of artemisia annua leaves in 1 quart of water. Make sure you do not use metal utensils. Steep for 15 minutes, strain and drink this tea in four portions throughout the day. Drink one quart of tea daily for one week. Do not drink for the following week, but drink a liter of this tea daily for the third week.
    I also consumed 1 rounded teaspoon of moringa powder daily. After one month of following this protocol, I was evaluated by myhealth professional. My breast cancer was erradicated. This worked for me.

  40. Saji k John

    Its may Change Our World;Than God.

  41. Thesisguy

    This is actually true for the most part. But it does not kill every type of cancer cell, and it still has the problem of properly delivering and administering it to the cancer cells. Tried to create that vessel in undergrad thesis

  42. Casey Burns

    Artemisinin is deadly. I almost lost my liver from it.

    I was misdiagnosed with Lyme Disease when all it really was was Sleep Apnea. Did the usual long courses of antibiotics and herbs prescribed by a Bastyr trained naturopath who had also worked at one of the big Lyme clinics back east. She went off to some conference in Colorado where some researcher declared all the Lyme patients are suffering from a malaria-like coinfection. So she prescribed Artemisinin and said to take it forever like they do with antibiotics.

    The anti-malarial dose is 3-10 days.

    My pee started turning yellow and she said that was the turmeric that I was also taking with it. After 6 weeks I awoke in the middle of the night to the most profound itching (even in deep tissue) and was diagnosed with severe jaundice a few days later. My regular naturopath who referred me to the Lyme practitioner didn’t know what to do with me when she got the blood test results back and admitted so. She called a liver specialist who saw me the next day who said that numbers would peak and eventually go back down – but that it would be a rough ride. Eventually that is what happened and I got my liver back. I also got the satisfaction of hearing my regular naturopath call up the Lyme doctor and read her the rot act, for not getting ordering regular liver function tests while she prescribed all the crap she was giving me.

    Fortunately I stopped taking everything when the itching started. Or I wouldn’t be here unless I got a liver transplant. I was that close apparently.

    The big lesson I learned from this is to never trust medicine based on beliefs, which unfortunately runs rampant in the Lyme Disease community. Mine was just a clinical diagnosis since the testing had borderline results – some doctor’s opinion that was found to be way off the mark upon further analysis.

    It may be that this discovery will go the way of cold fusion and be debunked or it could be the magic pill we’ve all been waiting for. I suspect the former. Peer review, clinical trials, etc. will reveal if it has any merit. Otherwise it could simply make you sicker. Or kill you.

    Thus I would recommend due diligence and one should certainly never self medicate with this particular dangerous drug, period, no matter how much you want to believe in it. Let your oncologist help you make this decision. Your life could depend upon it.

  43. Randomhero

    A word of advice, when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

  44. Casey Burns

    meant “riot act”…

  45. If you cut all animal products out of you diet, all koffee, black tea, sugar, margarene. gas cooldrinks you turn your body in alcaline and any cancer will stop and your body will be restore. Google alternative dieets. You will be healthy as can be. It has been proven over the years

  46. A. Pina

    Rick simpsons oil comes in first place so humas are incarnate with an endocannabinoid system…learn some thing todAy….
    search on you tube . Dennis Hill Treats Prostate Cancer with Cannabis Oil – Part 1
    everything you have been told people..well im sorry you believed the lie..of chemo and radiation ..Bio Chemist, Dennis Hill completely eradicated his Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in 6 mos w/1 drop a day of cannabis oil and gives a great and cogent explanation of how cannabinoids heal cancer. …

  47. Chris Welby

    It’s not the cancer that kills you,it’s the toxins pumped into you from chemo and radiation treatment!!

  48. Rolando Moreno Baladiang

    yes pls.give the IDEAon how to AVAIL that CANCER CURING HERBS; my WIFE HAS BEARST CANCER;IS IT available inthe PHILIPPINES MARKET.

  49. Siham

    My father has a lung cancer stage 4 it is an adenocarcinoma in his case how mic this pills will help?? And where can I get it in the middle east there is any distributor ???

  50. darcy george

    I am Passionate when it comes to educating people about the amazing healing effects that come from nature ! I work for a company that is extremely fortunate to have the financial backing to be able to use pharmaceutical grade science and technology and apply it to the study of plants to explore the effects they have on the human body at the cellular level….all backed with clinical trials !!!
    No natural company is allowed to make claims that they can cure or treat any disease state … is illegal ! only pharma companies are allowed to make those claims .. I think we can all agree there is something wrong there !!! one way to weed out the real from the hype would be to watch out for those claims :)
    For example I can say ….
    our entire product line is designed to address metabolic syndrome.. to push down on damage and build up on repair …
    most people can recognize that if you do that …it will address a vast number of disease states…without making reference to one in particular :)
    I hope this will help weed out the credible companies !!!!

  51. denise

    I wish we had this cure like 2 year ago we lost somebody very important in our lives, good for the people who still alive can have this bless. love you Jessy.

  52. That’s assuming that the cancer-tumor equals the cancer-disease. Assuming that the tumor is the whole disease and not merely one of its symptoms. It is also assuming, claiming even! – that all cancer cells are physiologically and biologically the same. Which they are not. Even conventionally medicine has understood that they are not. Hence the quite individualized treatments for the various kinds of perverted cell growths under the umbrella name of cancer.

    Our society is too easily fooled into the idea of taking a medicine for any problem occurring and does not realize that eliminating the cause for a problem may be far more important.

  53. elijah

    Not taking away anything from these doctors but Dr Sebi been curing all diseases known to man since early 1980s

  54. Dave lim

    Hi, my father has lunger cancer metastasis to the brain. How much of Artemisia is required to kill the cancer cell? I just bought this herb from chinese herbal shop. I m not sure how much should i use

  55. salvo

    I think anything that can help even if its not true is better then nothing, so check it out and dont put your life saving into it and I’m sure it wont be harmful.Check what this doctor says, because it makes sense to me but of course its always a possibility its BS.

  56. koosy

    you can also drink Alsem as a Tee!
    where can I get sead to plant this plant in my own garden?

    1. admin ( Post author )

      You should search for it in Chinese herb stores

  57. Brittney

    How much iron and artemesia were the patients given in the study?

    1. Borce ( Post author )

      Dear Brittney, the patients should take 100mg of artemisinin every day and combine with veggies that are rich in iron, but is not yet specified the exact amount of iron that should be taken.

      1. Mandana

        Dear Borce

        could you guide me a bit more about Artemisinin pills? My uncle has got a bad cancer between liver and kidney and also some cancer cells in his lung. do you think this pill could help him? how many pills he has to take each day and which kind of iron he has to take with this pill? please help me.

        1. admin ( Post author )

          Dear Mandana,
          This is informational website, and most of the remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition. So we will please you to consult with your doctor about this herb and the type of cancer that your uncle have.
          You can Buy Artemisinin pills here: Doctor’s Best Best Artemisinin (100 Mg), Vegetable Capsules, 90-Count

          We honestly wish him to get well soon !

  58. Rene

    Too bad there are over 300 comments incorrect and useless information and name calling .
    ON TOP
    Someone important said doctors recieve education in ” drugs and medications” ⬅️?

  59. Rene

    For paying for deserves students from China to earn their Medical Degrees!
    For fun dying the studies for the possible and serveral medical advances and cures!
    I agree with you, you can’t save your mothers , your self or your country
    So we just waived bye to that cure
    It happens all the time !

  60. Marya

    I’m from Romania, I have breast cancer, where can I buy this plant ???

  61. chong

    i can supply though.

  62. Sagar

    We can Supply Soursop Fruit & Leaves & Stem anywhere.

    We are Based in Mumbai.

  63. Eric

    About 12 years ago my good friends grandmother was diagnostic with stage 4 cancer of the liver, the Doctor told her she got it from her arthritis medicine that she was taking 4 years prior…..So they gave a 9 months to live, well she went to go see an alternative doctor and they put her on a detox program….She was not aloud to eat white flour,red meat or refine sugar because cancer feeds on sugar….They put her on a strict diet of nothing but fruits and vegetable juice and barley juice which helped kill the cancer due to the the powerful ingredients in it….she was aloud to eat some solid foods and plenty of PH. water…Well with in 6 months she was cured of cancer..The doctor told her that Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body ..I’ve been taking Barley Juice for 12 years now because of this story ,I have not been sick for those 12 years ,no flu , stomach virus, not even a head cold…. Here is some links,…..……..

  64. Mandana

    Dear All

    my uncle has got very bad cancer between liver and kidney and recently some cancer cells have been shown on his lung as well. does any body know some one who has used the Artemisinin pills and got rescued from cancer?????????? do you think this pill would help him and save his life????????? your comments are highly appreciated.


    HI ,my name is Nancy I HAVE Primary Peritoneal Cancer can you tell me what can i do to cure or keep this under control

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Nancy,
      This is informational website, and most of the remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition. So we will please you to consult with your doctor about this herb and the type of cancer that you have.

      We honestly wish to get well soon !

  66. All the cancers can be cured by the Bob Beck Protocol.
    And by the way, Big Pharma can only stop you getting a cancer cure if you go and ask them. Don’t ask, or wait for them to produce one because they never will. Cancer is in every vaccine. The late doctor Hillerman who worked for Merck says as much in hs youtube interview.
    The Bob Beck blood electrifier cures all known cancers – dead! Google Bob Beck.


  67. Paul

    Disease can only exist in a body with an acidic based blood level. Disease cannot exist within a body which has an alkaline state. So change your diet away from acid forming foods, soft drinks high sugars and turn to lots of lemons, limes and leafy greens. And if your looking for a cure for cancer look no further than endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. endocannabinoids are in the cannabis plant and the cannabinoid receptors are in the brain. What happens is you orally digest cannabis oil and it attack cancer cells only through the receptors in the body killing the mutating cells. Cannabis oil is involved in a vast array of healing functions in our bodies and its natural and thats why its illegal.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Excellent comment Paul.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge about cancer !

  68. Michael

    Hello everyone,

    To all of those who are asking questions such as where to get this herb in a pill form, and what the common name of the herb is. LOOK AT THE ARTICLE BEFORE ASKING DUMB QUESTIONS. For the love of god, there is a link that clearly states where you can buy it. As far as asking if it works, look it up! This is the internet, use Google to search “Studies on ‘Sweet Wormwood’ or ‘Artemisia Annua’ to see if there is any actual documented proof!

  69. Daniel

    There are many natural cures available but it also entails changing our lifestyles and diets.

  70. wan sulaiman

    In Malaysia, we call this Ulam Raja or Herbs of the King….we eat it raw with rice

  71. Senbi

    Interesting information, and interesting comments.

  72. Lissa Lou

    Just like miracle diet pills……..NOT

  73. Cancer Fighter

    Those that claim all you have to do is “eat healthy” are idiots. You assume those of us that have cancer deserve it/caused it because all we do is eat junk, drink soda pop and chain smoke. You are woefully wrong. Don’t I wish that all I had to do it take a certain fruit/vegetable/herb and be cured. Don’t be stupid, if that worked then no one would die of cancer.

  74. giovanni

    someone can help me find Artemisia annua? i need for a girl that have breast cancer. thank you very much

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Try to find in the Chinese health stores, if you can’t find there in this article there is a link from where you can buy Artemisinin

  75. mch

    wondering whether cancer is not related to the use of metal in food packaging amoungst other things ? processed foods ? metal absorbtion ? not sure why people are dismissive , its pretty evident the natural world of herbs and plants have the cure for cancer and so sad humanity is run by a few ‘ power people’ intent on controlling the majority for financial gain.

  76. Ren

    This plant is so abundant in our backyard. Old folks use this as part of an aromatic massage poultrice of sort. I have heard it lowers fever & inflammation but this is the first time I have heard of its cancer cure properties. It is so abundant that had it not been for its aromatic scent, I would consider it weed.

  77. Speed Bump

    Always remember….

    There is too much money being made in death and dying. An effective treatment will never be discovered because of this, and the amount of money changing hands if ever you are diagnosed with this curse.

    Alternative treatments made up of natural homeopathic herbs and roots is the only way to treat cancer, or any other extreme life threatening ailment. All standard medical practices are designed to keep you alive while your health insurance company is raped by the doctors, and big pharma while you are reduced to simply the Cash Cow.

    If you really want to live and possibly recapture your life, you must ween yourself away from mainstream medical practices, and go another way.

    Can’t say if this finding is for real, or just another possibility. One thing is for sure – after many, many years of medical research, and billions of dollars, cancer is still with us. At best, we chemo the hell out of the host body with toxic chemicals in hopes of killing the cancer cells that have developed. If that does not work, we sniper shoot the cancer with radiation. Both methods are marginal at best, deadly for the host at worst.

    The alternative approach seems the most logical at this time. Considering the effectiveness of modern day cancer treatment methods, if you must die, why make these greedy bastard doctors and Pharmacuticle manufactures wealthy on your way out?

  78. JJ

    it will only gewt more expensive as more and more people scramble for this quick fix in place of going to doctors/
    nb, i have nothing against herbal treatment, but my father died of stomach cancer believing the “neem and aloe vera” treatment would cure him so a bit skeptic till [phase II trials have been finished. but also, Demand drives up the price..

  79. Jenn

    Not to but in late but in my early 20’s I had breast cancer removed did all the treatments and changed my diet ect.ect.ect. as I was told. 2yrs later after being I was in remission a check up found I had developed ovarian and uterine cancer. The dr sent me home after very little help and I had been to get my “affairs” in order. That basically I was dying. I refused to listen. I had started learning herbalism to help myself and with the help of an herbalist dr (within 8 wks) my body cured itself. There are cures out there. You just have to want it bad enough. I wasn’t ready to die at 22 and now 17 yrs later I still follow they same herbal remedies to cure me as a preventive for going through this again. And, yes Artemisinin is the major ingredient in diy “drug” that I make myself. So don’t knock something before you give it an honest try. You don’t have to buy from them. Get your own medicine garden and learn how to properly use it. My dr watched my process closely, the whole time saying this wouldn’t help. I turned 39 this yr and it us still working. Just saying help yourself. Ps I still eat red meat I just grow my own food and get my meats from family members who raise them organically. I make my own shampoo and deodorant and toot pastes from the herbs I grow in my yard. You can too if you really want to get healthy and it costs less than buying the crap full of toxins that make you sick.

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