Actor Surprises 1,000 Children Of Fallen US Servicemen With The Vacation Of A Lifetime

US soldiers would even lose their life to protect our country. Most of them leave their wife and kids behind, and some of them never see their families again. The children of fallen soldiers are proud of their parents, but nothing can fix the emptiness in their soul. Gary Sinise decided to do something about it, and his move restored our faith in humanity.

Sinise knew that these kids live in terrible pain and loneliness. Losing a mom or dad is the worst nightmare for kids, and the actor decided to make these kids’ life more enjoyable.

We all know that Sinise supports active soldiers and veterans. He performed for US soldiers during USO, and donates to charities that improve the life of veterans. Sinise knows what soldiers and their families go through. He was a soldier in one of his films, and we saw him play officers in Forrest Gump and other pieces.

Helping soldiers wasn’t enough, and Sinise became interested in helping their families. The Gary Sinise Foundation has helped a lot of veterans and their families.

Do you know that the foundation helped 1,000 children smile again? The children of fallen soldiers were given a chance to see Disney World Florida. How amazing is that?

The kids enjoyed a five-day vacation, and Sinise paid for it. It was a successful project, and everything was fine.  The actor needed 15 different airplanes, and everyone made their way to the planes from home. It was hard to organize such event, but Sinise made it.

The plans landed in Orlando, and families were cheered on from the crowd. Staff at Disney World made sure the kids and their parents were fine. Every wish they had was catered to. Sinise won’t stop here, and he will work as hard as he can to help these kids feel better.

The “Snowball Express” happens around Christmas, and yes, it’s really expensive. The trip to Disney won’t bring these kids their parents back, but it will help them forget about the loss for a day.

The US military deserves all the respect in this world, and their families need to be taken care of. People like Sinise will never forget the sacrifice soldiers make to protect our country. This is the least he can do. Hopefully, his project will encourage others to do the same.

Emily Alley appreciates everything Sinise does for the kids. Her child, Johnny, has never met his father.

May this be an example for you and your friends. We are together in this one. Those kids and their families need us, and we can do the impossible to help them. But, we need to be united to achieve that.