97-Year-Old D-Day Vet Reunites With Lost Love After 75 years

Army veteran K.T. Robbins met a French girl in 1944, and he fell in love with her. Robbins was fighting in northeastern France during World War II, and was sent to the Eastern Front. He had to say goodbye to his love. 

The war was over, and he had to return to America. Jeannine Ganaye was gone, and Robbins got married. Robbins knew that he’d never meet his Jeannine again. Robbins had a black-and-white photograph of Jeannine. That’s all. He was 24, and the French girl was 18.

Jeannine moved on with her life, too. But she always hoped to see Robbins again.

Believe it or not, these two met after 75 years with the help of a French television station. The reunion helped right ahead of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy.

Robbins was 97, and Jeannine was 92. They kissed and hugged, and yes, it was the cutest thing ever. The reunion took place in Jeannine’s French retirement home.

Robbins told the love of his life that he had always loved her, admitting that she had never left his heart. Jeannine told reporters that she understood what Robbins told her.

How did the whole thing happen?

Reporters from the television station France 2 interviewed Robbins about the experience he had in World War II. The veteran showed reporters the photograph he had, and couldn’t resist the urge to share the story of his French love.

Reporters found out that Pierson was still alive, and they told Robbins the good news. Jeannine was living 40 miles away from the place they met at – the village of Briey.

75 years ago, Robbins told Jeannine that he may come back and take her with him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Do you know that Jeannine even tried to learn English. She really hoped that Robbins would come back.

Robbins was married to Lillian for 70 years. She died in 2015. Jeanine got married in 1949, and has five children. Her husband passed away, too.

Getting married changed their life, but Jeannine hoped to see Robbins again. Robbins had to leave Jeannine to attend the D-Day ceremony on June 6, but they promised to meet each other again.