8 Simple Yoga Poses That Flush Stress Hormones From the Body!

Nowadays, all people lead a stressful lifestyle, constantly under pressure of their work, success, financial burden, everyday obligations, and so on.

It just isn’t easy to balance love, relationships, family, friends, work, hobbies, and responsibilities. This constant pressure affects the abilities and skills of the person, mood, thoughts, emotions, relationships, social life, performance at work, and much more.

In these cases, the body, that it, the hypothalamus in the brain, sends some warnings in the form of signals to the adrenal glands, via hormonal and nerve signs, in order to urge them to produce adrenaline hormones or cortisol.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, and it tries to help the body by suppressing the growth, reproductive, and digestive system, which are not needed in a fight or flight situation.

As soon as the threat has passed, the stress response of the body returns to normal. However, if you are constantly stressed, the fight or flight reaction does not pass.

Thus, the constant exposure to cortisol or other stress hormones disrupts the body functions and may lead to many health issues, such as headaches, sleep issues, weight gain, anxiety, digestive problems, depression, heart disease, sleep and concentration problems.

Hence, it is of high importance to find a way to deal with stress and avoid the negative energy in your life. Yoga is a fantastic option to relax the body and mind and balance emotions. The following simple yoga poses will help you cleanse the body and eliminate the stress hormones from it:

  1. Child’s Pose

It calms the body as it rests in a relaxing state, reduces stress, and has a beneficial effect n the lymphatic and nervous system.

On a yoga mat, start in a kneeling position, while sitting back on the heels. Then, hinge forward until your forehead touches the ground, and the chest rests on the thighs.

Then, curl the shoulders, and the hands should remain with the palms up, close to the feet. Remain in this position for 5 breaths.


  1. Bridge Pose

The Bridge pose soothes the body as it stretches the legs and back, and thus lowers fatigue, anxiety, treats insomnia, headaches, and backaches.

In a lying position, bend the knees and the feet should be flat on the ground, hip-width apart. Then slide the arms along the sides of the body and your palms should be turned downwards.

Press the feet into the ground, breathe in, and raise the hips while rolling the spine off of the ground. Press the shoulders and arms down in order to raise the chest and use the legs to lift the hips even higher.

Remain thus for 4-8 breaths, exhale and release, and gradually roll the spine back to the ground.

Standing Forward Bend

This yoga pose stretches the hips, thighs, and hamstrings, and provides relaxation, and treats fatigue, stress, and mild depression.

Stand, breathe in and bend the knees so that your palms are flat on the ground, and the head is pressed against the legs. Your head is pulled in a down, and the spine is stretched.

Straighten the legs to stretch them, and press the hips up. Remain thus for 4-8 breaths, next, bend the knees, breathe in and return to a standing position.


Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

This pose deals with stress and also renews lymph and blood drainage back into the heart.

Place the hips against the wall, roll onto the back, taking the legs up the wall. Try to press the bottom as near to the wall as possible. Remain thus for 5 minutes.

Cat Pose

The Cat pose effectively soothes the system as it relieves stress, massages the spine and stretches the lower back. Start on all fours, breathe out, and draw the belly to the spine. Next, round the back towards the ceiling, lower the head crown towards the ground.


Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose reduces stress and enhances balance and focus. Moreover, it releases the tension in the back, legs, and shoulders.  In a standing position, bend the knees and balance on the right foot. T

hen, cross the left thigh over the right one, and hook the top of the left foot behind the right calf. Balance thus for a second, then put the arms in front of you and place the left arm under the right one.

Bend the elbows; wrap the hands and arms, with the palms pressed together. Next, square the chest and hips to the wall and draw the abdomen in and up. Remain thus for a minute, then gently release, repeat on the other side, and return to the initial position.

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

This exercise will relieve fatigue, treat insomnia and depression, relax the mind, and reduce headaches. In a seated position, with the legs spread, bend the left leg, and place the sole to the upper inside of your right thigh.

Both hands should be placed on either side, breathe in, and turn towards the spread leg. Breathe out, fold forward and hold for 5 breaths. Repeat the pose on the other side as well.


Extended Triangle Pose

This is a stretch for the entire body, and this helps digestion, alleviates anxiety symptoms, and reduces stress. In a standing position, breathe in and extend the legs 4 feet from each other, raise and hold the arms out at the sides with the palms turned downwards.

Next, turn the right foot out at a 90-degree angle, and the left foot in toward the right.

Tighten the muscles of the thighs, and turn the right one outward. Next, bend the body from the hips toward the right leg. Twist to the left, while keeping both sides long, and push the left hip a bit forward.

The right hand should remain on the ankles, and the left arm is extended towards the ceiling. Keep the head straight or a bit to the left, hold for half a minute.

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