5 Tibetan Exercises You Should Be Doing Everyday To Stay Youthful & Energized

The 5 Tibetan rites have been a heritage hidden for more than two millenia, strictly revealed to spiritual disciples only.

Yet, we are happy to announce that we are finally able to enjoy their numerous benefits, including clarity of mind, and anti- aging effects.

Namely, they were published by a retired officer from the British army, who has learned them the monks while traveling through the Himalayas.  “Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth” was the book published by Peter Kelder, who explained the benefits of these exercises in it.

Namely, these Tibetan rites are claimed to:

  • Reduce stress and promote a sense of calmness
  • Strengthen and tones the entire body
  • Decelerate the aging process
  • the vital energy
  • Promote mental clarity and focus
  • Improve digestion, blood flow, and immune function

The author of the book about the 5 Tibetan rites also inserted a quite from the monks themselves, which explains the basis of the potential of these exercises that promote youth and energy:

“The body has seven centers, which, in English, could be called Vortexes. These are kind of magnetic centers. They revolve at great speed in the healthy body, but when slowed down – well that is just another name for old age, ill-health, and senility.

These spinning centers of activity extend beyond the flesh of healthy individuals, but in the old, weak, senile person, they hardly reach the surface, except in the knees.

The quickest way to regain health, youth and vitality is to start these magnetic centers spinning again. There are but five practices that will do this. Any one of them will be helpful, but all five are required to get glowing results.”

We have added a video series which present the exercises and their benefits below:

Yet, you need to remember that before you start performing these rites, especially if you have serious neck, back or spine issues, you need to consult your doctor. Moreover, do these rites gently and be comfortable while doing so. If you feel like they are to difficult for you, you can try some modified combination, or avoid some of them.