4 Techniques For Massages That Can Relieve Your Migraines (VIDEO)

We all love massages. Most people prefer a professional to do the job, and only a few do it by themselves. The most important thing is to focus on the area where the pain has started.

Only the right movements can help you relieve pain and improve circulation.


1. Blood Vessels and Neck Massage

Narrowed blood vessels and improper posture of the head are the root cause of pain in this area. You can do the massage yourself, but it is much better if you ask someone to help you. For optimal results, do some firm moves using your fingers, and start from the bottom of your neck and go all the way to the base of your skull. Massage your head using circular movements.

2. Temple Area Massage

Headaches usually occur right above the temples, but massaging your temples can relieve the tension associated with sensitivity and bright light. Apply slightly slower and circular movements.

3. Relieve The Pain Above Your Eyes

It usually occurs when you have certain problems with your sinuses. Press the points at the base of your eyebrows and around your nose for an instant relief. Be careful, these areas are quite gentle, and you should go slowly. Press the swollen nods at the base of your eyebrows and move carefully to the outer corner of your eyes.

4. Relieve Pain in Your Forehead

Use radial motion to relieve the pain in your forehead. Start from your eyebrows and continue to the top of your forehead. Use your fingers only.

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